Giving prisoners and their children a better today and a brighter future

PA Nepal is an organization constantly seeking to provide basic needs and human rights to prisoners and their children; one of the most vulnerable groups in Nepal. In particular, the organization works for poor rural communities where our support creates new opportunities for women who have been released from prison.

PA Nepal’s mission is to rid prisons of unnecessary suffering and hardship, in particular the suffering experienced by innocent children and prisoners who are poor and disadvantaged. It wants to help transform prisons into places that work to help prisoners build worthwhile and rewarding futures.

The organization has been consistently working for 18 long years for the welfare of prisoners and their children. PA Nepal aims to extend its service in coming days and eventually … Read More

Message from founder

Indira Ranamagar

As the founder & chairperson of PA Nepal, I express my deep gratitude all the people who have been supporting PA Nepal, both locally and internationally, making the work we do here possible. Through PA Nepal, we have been able to transform the lives of the individuals we work with and the societies we work within.