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Welcome to Prisoners Assistance Nepal
Mission Statement

"giving prisoners and their children a better today and a brighter future"

PA Nepal's mission is to rid prisons of unnecessary suffering and hardship, in particular the suffering experienced by innocent children and prisoners who are poor and disadvantaged. It wants to help transform prisons into places that work to help prisoners build worthwhile and rewarding futures.


After a decade of armed strife in Nepal, humanitarian needs have greatly increased. Whilst the country moves towards a new constitution making process, the government is struggling to meet the needs of the public. As a result, socio-economic problems have become evident in every sphere of Nepali life. Hard times such have these often lead individuals to become involved in criminal activities in order to survive. The result is that prisons within Nepal are now dramatically over-crowded.

The combination of these difficulties has meant that the government has struggled to meet basic needs and protect the human rights of these prisoners. But perhaps more importantly, it has also been unable to care for the children of such prisoners. In Nepal, the state has no legal responsibility for the welfare of prisoner's dependent children. As such, the children of prisoners are amongst the most vulnerable and socially excluded individuals within Nepal. PA Nepal was established in 2000 to provide basic human needs, rights and compassion to all of these families during a time that few others do.
     We look to our future and are not sad - Pooja (aged 13)     
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