“Giving prisoners and their children a better today and a brighter future” Prisoners Assistance Nepal(PA Nepal)Prisoners Assistance Nepal (PA Nepal)

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PA Nepal is a grass roots organisation that seeks to provide basic needs and human rights to prisoners and their children; one of the most vulnerable groups in Nepal. In particular, we work within poor rural communities where our support creates new opportunities for women who have been released from prison. Within this role, one of our greatest responsibilities is the complete care of children whose parents have been imprisoned...



75% of prisoners in Nepali prisons are found to be innocent.

3 out of 4 prisoners suffer from mental illness like depression and anxiety.

People with mental diseases are more easily taken advantage of and more often wrongly accused of crimes.

More than 16.000 people are currently in prison in Nepal.

Poverty and inequality in Nepal cause social stigmas, conflict, health issues and political and cultural restraints.


  • Education programs

    Education Programs

    Thanks to a recent governmental push promoting the importance of education, 80% of children in Nepal start school but only 10% reach the 10th school year and gain a School Leaving Certificate...

  • Junkiri


    The Junkiri Education Project is PA Nepal’s alternative learning environment for children who have been neglected in the past or who do not reach their full potential in traditional ...

  • Girls Education Nepal (GEN) Program

    Girls Education Nepal (GEN) Program

    As in many other Asian countries, boys are heavily favoured over girls;the ratio of boys to girls in Nepali primary and secondary school is around two to one...


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